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Turn on notifications and tracking for all
your content on Hacker News

Real-time Hacker News content performance tracking. Get notified when your stuff gets posted or hits the front page, track position, votes and comments over time, and learn how your posts behave.

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"Where is all this traffic coming from‽"

How many times have you missed a thread about your blog post, landing page, side project, or SaaS simply because you had no idea it was ever posted?

With HackerTracker, turn notifications on and never miss another HN thread about your content again.

Just configure HackerTracker with your domain or Hacker News username, and an email or phone number. You’ll get a ping the moment your content is posted on Hacker News, and another one when it hits the front page.

You can also configure notifications for new comments to your post, so you don’t need to sit there refreshing the page waiting for people to comment.

It’ll also notify you if your post appears to be flagged or deleted, allowing you to contact the mods in time to save the day, if they can.

Hacker News Analytics

HackerTracker tracks the performance of your content on Hacker News over time. It keeps an eye on your post’s statistics so that you don’t have to refresh the front page or hunt your post down through the first three pages every thirty seconds.1

Things it tracks across time:

  • Post position on Hacker News
  • Post page on Hacker News
  • Number of upvotes
  • Number of comments

These statistics will allow you to build a better understanding of what kind of content performs well on Hacker News, informing your future content strategy and sating your obsessive curiosity at the same time.

HackerTracker scrapes Hacker News completely once per minute, updating your statistics in real-time.

By signing up for HackerTracker, you’ll also unlock historical performance of all posts over time (starting December 10th, 2020), allowing you to gain unique insight into Hacker News content performance.

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1Tell me I’m not the only one who does that.

I, Elliot Bonneville, am not affiliated with Hacker News in any way. Copyright me, 2020.